Based on a series of poems that Dr. Pellegrino wrote from his experiences as a medical resident. This play is about a prominent physician who finds himself daunted by the memories of former patients whom he feels he let down. His unease becomes acute when he develops a serious illness. He is compelled to face these difficult memories and be held accountable for his actions. Ultimately, these very patients help him understand the power of hope and rediscover the emotions and ideals that called him to medicine in the first place. 

Cast for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine performance:

Written by Richard G. Pellegrino MD, PhD
Produced by The Art of Medicine Project and Simon Studios, NYC
Sponsored by the Colleges Program of the Johns Hopkins Medical School and The Art of Medicine Project. 


Roger Hendricks Simon, Director                  Eddie Lew, Associate Director

Tony: Roger Hendricks Simon

Mary: Karin de la Penha

Bernie: Robert S. Gregory

Ellen: Chandra Albritton

Reginald: Michael Siktberg

Musican:  Erica Roff 

photo credit: Dan Simon

Performance 11/09/2012

Wildwood Park (Little Rock, AR)

photo credit: Rachael Pellegrino